Revamped Weapon

Revamped Weapon
September 15, 2016

Some weeks ago I dropped by Savage .308 off at CPRECISION
I asked Tyson since this weapon was my favorite long range shooter over seven years to refresh it as well as accurized it.
Since I had hit golf balls already at 500 yds I knew it’s accuracy could only improve most likely past my human skills. Tyson worked magic in a few weeks and delivered me a revamped weapon that not only looked great with fluted bolt and barrel but a cerrakote design and color that floored me. After the first round of shooting I now discover that the Savage is able to hit its mark consistently even with factory ammo better than its original form.
I will be heading out for longer range shooting soon with a bigger smile than before.
The amount of time and expertise displayed vs the money spent says to me that I got a deal of a lifetime.
Thank you Tyson Crabbe Master Gunsmith