The Fit was Just Right

The Fit was Just Right
September 15, 2016

This is my review of my Custom Remington 700 458 Socom.

The first thing was when i picked it up for the first time the fit was just right and well balanced. Some of the custom features i like was the trigger very crisp and just the right weight for hunting.The bolt knob was larger than the original and made for much more efficient loading and reloading that large caliber weapon system. Hunting dangerous game needs a sure hand on the bolt to reload that rifle fast and efficient.
The Tiger strip custom color went perfect with my crocodile sling and provided perfect camouflage for just about any area of the world.

Shooting this weapon system we added a 1×6 vortex perfect for this guns range and acquiring targets fast and deadly.With the magazine well we can use 5.56 /223 p mags that help with feeding that large round and having more ammo fast for reloading is a nice touch. With in 3 shots i had it dead center of the target and with a 300 grain ballistic tip it seems to group well at 100 yards. i will be trying this rifle this weekend hunting hogs in Middle Georgia and I cant wait to see how its stopping power on a large boar, and going to So. Africa with me next spring to hunt large game.

The Summit rifle has a lot of extras and custom work for the money i have seen a lot of custom Remington 700 rifles up ward of $5000 lots of value for about half the cost minus the optics. I have been very happy with my Summit rifle so we bought 7 others one in 300 win mag and one in 6.5 creedmore for our Go2 firearms training co. We will be testing them hard and letting many of our students shoot them to introduce them to a real custom rifle.