Signature Bolt Action Rifles

Are you looking to buy a bolt action rifle?

A Summit Rifle for bench shooting, short, mid-range or a long range shooting rifle?

Maybe you are in need of a hunting rifle, recreational shooting or looking to add to your custom rifle collection. Summit Rifles of Dallas, Georgia can deliver the perfect build to you, built for you by a Master Gunsmith.

Here are just a few items that separate our rifles from most on the market.

  • All Summit Rifles rifles are trued & blueprinted from the centerline of the bolt raceway. This includes face, lug recesses, and bolt lugs squared & the threads re-cut in line with the bolt raceway.
  • Barrels are hand lapped with a custom hand recessed target crown
  • All barrels are x-caliber match grade or equal as requested
  • Bolt cerakoted with microslick
  • Trigger is factory re-worked x mark pro tuned & polished
  • Remington 700 SA or LA
  • HS Precision Stock to be determined by customer
  • Left hand bolt available

We Guarantee Your Satisfaction With Quality Control.

  • 1. Every rifle is Personally Shot and Tested by Summit Rifles’ Master Gunsmith, Tyson Crabble.
  • 2. Each SR Rifle comes with One SR Rifle Fired Casing from a round fired in the custom built rifle.
  • 3. Each rifle is delivered with a Custom signed Summit Rifles MOA Data Card.

Summit Rifles Chassis Gun

Are you looking for a Tactical look, seeking to have a quality chassis, or want a rail type look for accessories and add-ons? Summit Rifle is ready to service our clientele from civilians, law enforcement, military and government. Simply FILL Out Any Form on our Summit Rifle Site and we will reach out to you.

Revamped Weapon

Some weeks ago I dropped by Savage .308 off at CPRECISION I asked Tyson since this weapon was my favorite long range shooter over seven years to refresh it as well as accurized it. Since I had hit golf balls already at 500 yds I knew it's accuracy could only improve most likely past my human skills. Tyson worked magic in a few weeks and delivered me a revamped weapon that not only looked great with fluted bolt and barrel but a cerrakote design and color that floored me. After Continue Reading

DS September 15, 2016

Beyond pleased

Purchased custom 6.5 Creedmoor in August 2016 from C Precision Rifles. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. This rifle has surpassed my expectations. Shoots under a quarter of an inch at 100 yds. I have shot sub MOA groups out to 700 yds. Tyson makes an amazing rifle and worked with me every step of the way to insure my rifle is everything I wanted it to be. Can't wait for C Precision to build my next rifle.

Chad Lambert September 15, 2016

The Fit was Just Right

This is my review of my Custom Remington 700 458 Socom. The first thing was when i picked it up for the first time the fit was just right and well balanced. Some of the custom features i like was the trigger very crisp and just the right weight for hunting.The bolt knob was larger than the original and made for much more efficient loading and reloading that large caliber weapon system. Hunting dangerous game needs a sure hand on the bolt to reload that rifle fast and efficient. The Continue Reading

Todd Droege International Director of Training September 15, 2016