Rifle & Firearm Accessories


At Summit Rifles we offer a wide array of accessories for your rifle. Our Summit Rifles pro-shop customizes and caters to the wants and needs of our customers. Whether you are looking for a sling for your rifle, a new rifle stock, a scope for your rifle, rifle modifications or just about anything you have an interest in, we would enjoy speaking with you about your needs.

Master Gunsmith

Summit Rifle’s Master Gunsmith builds custom bolt action rifles to fit, enhance and secure your specific needs. Whether you are buying a rifle for the first time or you have had one for years, Summit Rifle’s customized SR rifles are a perfect fit that will keep you on target.

You might be looking for an rifle or firearm accessory or you may just want to buy a SR-I, II or III rifle for bench shooting, short, mid-range, long range shooting, hunting or maybe you are looking to add accessories to your custom rifle collection.

Revamped Weapon

Some weeks ago I dropped by Savage .308 off at CPRECISION I asked Tyson since this weapon was my favorite long range shooter over seven years to refresh it as well as accurized it. Since I had hit golf balls already at 500 yds I knew it's accuracy could only improve most likely past my human skills. Tyson worked magic in a few weeks and delivered me a revamped weapon that not only looked great with fluted bolt and barrel but a cerrakote design and color that floored me. After Continue Reading

DS September 15, 2016

Beyond pleased

Purchased custom 6.5 Creedmoor in August 2016 from C Precision Rifles. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. This rifle has surpassed my expectations. Shoots under a quarter of an inch at 100 yds. I have shot sub MOA groups out to 700 yds. Tyson makes an amazing rifle and worked with me every step of the way to insure my rifle is everything I wanted it to be. Can't wait for C Precision to build my next rifle.

Chad Lambert September 15, 2016

Summit Rifles Review

I was in the market for a precision rifle for a target/hunting long range setup. after a referral from a friend who had a rifle built recently that he was happy with I got the contact for Summit Rifles. I called and talked to Tyson, he was very helpful and listened to what I had in mind and what I planned to do with the rifle. After a lengthy conversation back and forth with a few ideas he got me pointed in the right direction and we made the deal Continue Reading

G.B.A. Sheridan, WY September 14, 2016