Summit Rifles Premium Bolt-Action Platform Series III

It’s not just the most precise and perfect rifle to start off with as a first time buyer, it’s the perfect fit for everyone at a reasonable price.

Summit Rifle’s line of bolt action rifles represent the very best in American craftsmanship and precision. All of our rifles come with a range card showing how your rifle grouped as well a guarantee that your rifle will perform accurately and flawlessly every time.

Summit Rifles’s SR-III Series rifles are designed for the shooter who desires a true custom bolt action rifle. SR-III rifles come equipped to perform to the highest degrees of accuracy and precision in the most extreme conditions. Available in an array of calibers and barrel lengths, these rifles come well equipped for your precision shooting needs.

  • All Summit Rifle rifles are trued & blueprinted from the centerline of the bolt raceway. This includes face squared, lug recesses squared, bolt lugs squared & the threads re-cut in line with the bolt raceway.
  • Barrels are hand lapped with a custom hand lapped recessed target crown
  • All barrels are x-caliber match grade or equivalent
  • Bolt cerakoted with microslick
  • Timney 510 trigger
  • Remington 700 SA or LA
  • HS Precision Pro- Stock; color to be determined by customer
  • Left hand bolt available.

All SR-III Series rifles come with an HS Precision stock, bedded with Pro-Bed 2000 and cerakoted. This series of rifles also features an 11* crown, a Timney 510 trigger , a 20 MOA Base, and an X-Caliber Match Grade barrel. SR-III Series rifles come equipped with a fluted bolt (with knob) and a fluted barrel.

All rifles available in the following chambers:

  • 223 Wylde
  • 222 Remington
  • 220 Swift
  • 22-250 Remington
  • 243
  • 7mm-08
  • 260 Ackley Improved
  • 260 Remington
  • 25-06
  • 25-06 Ackley Improved
  • 6mm Remington
  • 257 Weatherby Magnum
  • 257 Roberts
  • 6.5 Creedmoor
  • 6.5 x 47 Lapua
  • 6.5 x 284 Winchester
  • 26 Nosler
  • 270 WSM
  • 280 Remington
  • 280 Ackley Improved 40 Degree
  • 7mm Magnum
  • 7mm STW
  • 308 Winchester
  • 300 WSM
  • 300 RUM
  • 30-378 Weatherby Magnum
  • 338 Lapua338 RUM
  • 338-370 Weatherby Magnum
  • 375 Chey Tac
  • 6mm-284