Customization & Gunsmithing

Customization & Gunsmithing

Summit Rifles Master Gunsmith builds custom bolt action rifles to fit, enhance and secure your specific needs. Whether you are buying a rifle for the first time or you have had one for years, Summit customized SR are a perfect fit that will keep you on target.

• Custom colors
• Custom barrels
• Custom installation
• Custom enhancements
• Cera-coat or Teflon barreled action and bottom
• Cera-coat entire weapon
• Replace old barrels
• Flute Barrel
• Replace factory trigger with custom or upgraded triggers
• Lapping bolt lugs into lug seats and trueing face
• Spiral flute Bolt
• Mount scopes
• Surface grind recoil lug flat and parallel
• Epoxy bed barreled action
• Clear bolt handle and float barrel
• Re-drill and tap action scope base holes
• Open barrel channel for larger diameter barrel taper and seal

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The Fit was Just Right

This is my review of my Custom Remington 700 458 Socom. The first thing was when i picked it up for the first time the fit was just right and well balanced. Some of the custom features i like was the trigger very crisp and just the right weight for hunting.The bolt knob was larger than the original and made for much more efficient loading and reloading that large caliber weapon system. Hunting dangerous game needs a sure hand on the bolt to reload that rifle fast and efficient. The Continue Reading

Todd Droege International Director of Training September 15, 2016

Beyond pleased

Purchased custom 6.5 Creedmoor in August 2016 from C Precision Rifles. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. This rifle has surpassed my expectations. Shoots under a quarter of an inch at 100 yds. I have shot sub MOA groups out to 700 yds. Tyson makes an amazing rifle and worked with me every step of the way to insure my rifle is everything I wanted it to be. Can't wait for C Precision to build my next rifle.

Chad Lambert September 15, 2016

Summit Rifles Review

I was in the market for a precision rifle for a target/hunting long range setup. after a referral from a friend who had a rifle built recently that he was happy with I got the contact for Summit Rifles. I called and talked to Tyson, he was very helpful and listened to what I had in mind and what I planned to do with the rifle. After a lengthy conversation back and forth with a few ideas he got me pointed in the right direction and we made the deal Continue Reading

G.B.A. Sheridan, WY September 14, 2016