Customization & Gunsmithing

Customization & Gunsmithing

Summit Rifles Master Gunsmith builds custom bolt action rifles to fit, enhance and secure your specific needs. Whether you are buying a rifle for the first time or you have had one for years, Summit customized SR are a perfect fit that will keep you on target.

• Custom colors
• Custom barrels
• Custom installation
• Custom enhancements
• Cera-coat or Teflon barreled action and bottom
• Cera-coat entire weapon
• Replace old barrels
• Flute Barrel
• Replace factory trigger with custom or upgraded triggers
• Lapping bolt lugs into lug seats and trueing face
• Spiral flute Bolt
• Mount scopes
• Surface grind recoil lug flat and parallel
• Epoxy bed barreled action
• Clear bolt handle and float barrel
• Re-drill and tap action scope base holes
• Open barrel channel for larger diameter barrel taper and seal

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A BIG Thank You

As a Martial Arts Instructor, I needed a Glock 17 and an AR-15 for instructing our Krav Maga students. Summit Rifles was recommended to me and I ordered both weapons after speaking with their Master Gunsmith. Tyson is one positive and passionate individual who guided me on my selection process. A BIG Thank You to him for making the two of them match and customizing them to my needs for instructing beginners. Both handgun and AR are a perfect fit for our training curriculum. If you teach self-defense or offer Continue Reading

Master Thomas Martial Arts Master Instructor
8th Degree
September 15, 2016

Revamped Weapon

Some weeks ago I dropped by Savage .308 off at CPRECISION I asked Tyson since this weapon was my favorite long range shooter over seven years to refresh it as well as accurized it. Since I had hit golf balls already at 500 yds I knew it's accuracy could only improve most likely past my human skills. Tyson worked magic in a few weeks and delivered me a revamped weapon that not only looked great with fluted bolt and barrel but a cerrakote design and color that floored me. After Continue Reading

DS September 15, 2016

Beyond pleased

Purchased custom 6.5 Creedmoor in August 2016 from C Precision Rifles. I am beyond pleased with my purchase. This rifle has surpassed my expectations. Shoots under a quarter of an inch at 100 yds. I have shot sub MOA groups out to 700 yds. Tyson makes an amazing rifle and worked with me every step of the way to insure my rifle is everything I wanted it to be. Can't wait for C Precision to build my next rifle.

Chad Lambert September 15, 2016